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After months of a slow launch to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, things have really started to pick up over the last few days.

Just this week, President Joe Biden announced that the Federal Government will be surging COVID vaccines to states. Increasing the amount of weekly vaccines in each state's deliveries. This has led to many states to start expanding their vaccine efforts. Either by lifting certain restrictions around who is eligible for the vaccine, or by releasing more of their stockpiles to regions.

We've also learned this week that the United States will be buying hundreds of millions of additional vaccine doses.

In addition to the President's announcement on the vaccine surge, President Biden said that he expects anyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one by this Spring. Which might actually be a bigger deal.

The idea that anyone who wants a vaccine can get a vaccine signals the end of the pandemic. The point that you can just go to your local Walgreens, Brookshires, or WalMart to get your COVID vaccine seems to put the management of risk from public health officials back to individuals. Instead of the public needing to be protected from each other, now each person would need to protect normal life.

During a non-emergency, we allow everyone the freedom to manage their own risk when it comes to their own life. Americans get to manage their risk with their health when it comes to what food they eat, what vehicles they drive, and what hobbies they participate in. Some people like skydiving, they manage that risk. Some people like to eat 12,000 calories in double cheeseburgers and Mt Dew everyday, and they're allowed to manage that risk. We don't have public health emergencies for these things. So if we can manage our own risk with these thing, we need to be allowed to manage our own COVID risk once vaccines are readily available.

If that comes this Spring, then that is the point we should be able to lift restrictions, and restore freedoms to the public.


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