The Willis Knighton Board of Trustees have backed CEO James Elrod amidst calls for his resignation, or termination.

This fight began last week, as KTBS reports over the potential firings of hospital administrators. The letter released by the Board seems to corroborate that theory, as they reference the reported incident between Elrod and Willis Knighton Chief Operating Officer Chuck Daigle.

Here is the letter released this afternoon:

For Immediate Release

Willis-Knighton Board of Trustees Supports CEO James Elrod ​

Dr. Frank B. Hughes, chairman of the Board of Trustees of Willis-Knighton Health Systems, announced this afternoon that following lengthy discussion and deliberation over the last several days, and careful consideration of its options, the Board of Trustees voted on two issues.

First, the Board voted to continue operating Willis-Knighton under the leadership of James Elrod, our current president and chief executive officer. ​

Second the Board decided to delegate to Mr. Elrod any decision regarding WKHS’s relationship with Chuck Daigle, WKHS’s chief operating officer.

Following this meeting, we have issues we will continue to work through, and we will do so in a thoughtful, orderly and thorough manner, keeping in mind at all times the welfare of our employees, our patients and the community we serve.

Earlier today, the Board's meeting had to be moved from a lawyer's office to Boomtown Casino due to safety concerns. KTBS reported that Willis Knighton Crisis Management Professional John Kyte said "There's a lot of social media chatter" in reference to the venue move.

Multiple doctors and hospital officials followed the proceedings to Boomtown, where they waiting in the lobby until about 2:30pm, when they returned to check on patients.

KEEL reached out to Willis Knighton to talk about the decision. Willis Knighton Director of Marketing and Public Relations Marilyn Joiner said "Not at this time".


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