Earlier this week, a four person committee appointed by Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins made their recommendation to the City Council on who should take over the city's recycling program. The twice monthly pick-up, most recently run by Republic Services, ended in October of last year when the two parties failed to renegotiate a new deal.

Now the Mayor's committee has thrown their weight behind C. Edwards Concepts, described as "a public health and development consultant." But, surprisingly, the company, run by Shreveporter Charlette Edwards, isn't currently in the recycling business.

The proposed contract is a five-year deal worth $1.9 million a year. But getting the service restarted won't happen anytime soon, even if the contract is awarded to the company as fast as possible.

So, given the inexperience of C. Edwards Concepts, combined with the the Perkins administration's admitted mishandling of the city's insurance renegotiation and the continued importance of fiscal responsibility, the following questions should certainly be asked - and answered - before any new agreement is signed.

What was it in the Edwards proposal that convinced the committee she was the best option?

How detailed was the proposal? How many trucks does she think will be necessary? How many drivers, mechanics and workers will be needed? Does Edwards currently have property that houses a garage, equipment, etc.?

Was the amount of $1.9 million yearly for five years an offer made by the city, or suggested by Edwards?

What kind of "out" or termination clause for the city will be included in the contract? Will any penalties be incurred by Edwards for not living up to the terms of the deal?

What other companies were considered prior to the Edwards selection? Are they currently in the recycling business and if so, why were there offers dismissed?

What is Edwards' background, resume, etc.? Has she done business with the city previously? Did the committee interview her in person? Did they interview other candidates?

What are the contract's terms of payment? Will Edwards receive any city money prior to beginning the recycling service?

According to KTBS, even committee member and councilman James Flurry has reservations about Edwards. ""So this is the only option that we have right now. And we're willing to try," Flurry told KTBS. "It may very well fail. But then again, if it does not fail and succeeds, it'll be a great success story."

According to KTBS, Flurry says Edwards was also the only minority applicant, which the committee also scored in her favor.

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