It says here that beloved actor and musician Will Smith is [squints] from West Philadelphia, born and raised. So, naturally, the Fresh Prince was incredibly excited that the Philadelphia Eagles were in (and then won, congrats Philly fans) the Super Bowl yesterday. He was so jazzed (more jazzed than DJ Jazzy Jeff, in fact) that he produced a beautiful short film to mark the occasion. It is a masterpiece.

Look, I’m just going to say it: This is Will Smith’s best movie in at least a decade. Come on, what is better than this? After EarthWinter’s TaleConcussionSuicide SquadBrightCollateral Beauty? (LOL no.) This is very clearly better than all of those films. By an enormously wide margin.

Can we get a movie where Will Smith plays a really intense sports fan? Or what about a movie where Will Smith gets dressed in a series of lavish hotel rooms? What about something where Will Smith just reacts to television with cartoonish facial expressions? Again, all of these options would be better than Collateral Beauty. I hope the Flyers have a big postseason so Will Smith has no choice but to make more awesome Instagram videos.

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