The proposal has been made, the money is there, but Cynthia Keith with the Dog Park Alliance says the council has to approve it.

Shreveport City Council could make way to build a dog park as early as its next meeting. Keith says they got little response from the mayor at the Shreveport Planning Commission meeting last week.


She says when they approached him, Glover said, "Why are you standing out in the rain?"
Keith says even though the mayor seems to be against the project, there is a lot of support for the park, which would be a fantastic place for residents to walk their pooches along the Riverfront.

Glover's apparent lack of interest in a dog park hasn't stopped the Alliance from pushing ahead. Does Glover think they are barking up the wrong tree?
Keith says the mayor has other priorities than funding the park through the Red River Waterway District, which would have to kick in some $280,000 to build it.

A dog park hasn't exactly been one of the mayor's pet projects.
The plan would have to receive unanimous approval by the city council, and even then, the mayor could veto it.

KEEL News has reached out to Mayor Glover's office for comment. We've even invited him to come on KEEL Morning News to talk about the proposal. So far, we haven't received an answer.