Oil City Representative Danny McCormick is introducing legislation to allow Louisiana citizens to be able to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.  McCormick says Louisianans may already “open carry” a firearm in plain view, provided they have no criminal record. His bill would extend that right to a concealed weapon…

“It’s very important to me, being the grandfather of four granddaughters, that they’re able to put a pistol in their purse and protect themselves from murderers and rapists.”


McCormick’s bill would exempt anyone over the age of 18, with a clean criminal record, from the crime of illegally carrying of weapons. Simply put: concealed carry without a permit, which McCormick says is a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Critics say it will make Louisiana like the “wild, wild west”, but McCormick says that’s not so…

“Innocent, law-abiding citizens who legally carry a firearms is not the wild, wild west. The wild, wild west is when only criminals have firearms.”


Representative Danny McCormick (R) Oil City LRN
Representative Danny McCormick (R) Oil City
Louisiana Radio Network

This isn't the first time for this legislation to be introduced. McCormick filed the same bill last year. It made it through the House, but was killed in the Senate, when a member sought to amend it into a bill to arm school teachers. Hopefully, the bill will have better luck this year.

“We’ll see. It’s election year, you know? Politicians get a lot more sensitive to their constituents in an election year, so…I’m interested to see how they stack up this year.”

The legislature convenes April 10th.

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