Ok, I am one of 6 children. I have 5 brothers. I'm the only girl. I have two sons and my brothers all have sons. No girls in the family. My oldest brother's step son has girls, so we have some girly things in the family.

But we have been anticipating the birth of a baby girl in the family. My nephew Timothy and his wife Alex are welcoming baby Monroe Pearl.
I decided today was the day I better go find some girly things to send to Baton Rouge for the new baby. I texted Timothy to see what they needed, only to learn Alex has gone into labor!!

It's exciting news for them and my Mom would be so thrilled. But to be honest, I have never really shopped for a baby girl. I can do the boy thing all day, but girls are different. I started thinking about what big days are coming up and what age the baby will be for those dates. Easter came to mind and I started looking for a newborn Easter dress. One lady out shopping seemed to know what she was doing, so I asked her "if a baby is being born today, what size Easter dress should I buy?" She said 3 months would probably work. So that's what I did. I also found some other cute things to send for baby Monroe Pearl. I hope they like them.

Please keep the new McCarty baby and family in your prayers.

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