SHREVEPORT, LA - Something smells a little funky with the water in Shreveport. Residents have been taking to social media for the past 2 weeks complaining about the smell and even the taste of the city water.


Some folks say they are worried it might not be safe to drink the water. Others are not comfortable showering in the smell water.

But the city is well aware of the problem and is taking corrective actions.

The water department sent out a statement about the water issues.

Customers of the City of Shreveport may notice a temporary and non-harmful change in their water taste or odor. Algae blooms are regular seasonal occurrences in Cross Lake but vary in frequency and duration. Current conditions favor a bloom, and tests conducted indicate the presence of algae at elevated concentrations, which has imparted an earthy taste or odor in the water.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

Is the Water Safe to Drink and Use for Cooking?

Water and Sewer Director William Daniel says "the water remains entirely safe for consumption. We are monitoring the levels of algae and odorants and treating them until water quality returns to normal.”

He Adds:

"We hope that by informing the public of the potential impact of the algal bloom, we can alleviate any concerns that customers may have if they notice an abnormal taste or smell to their water."

The city is currently working on a $36.5 million project to upgrade the T. L. Amiss Water Treatment Plant and this will have a major impact on the taste and smell of the water. Daniel says when the system is fully operational, citizens can expect episodes like this to be infrequent, with minimal impact on taste and odor in the future.

Daniel says the city has recently adjusted the treatment chemicals in the water to try to address the immediate concerns. If you are having issues with the taste or smell of your water, you are urged to contact the water quality lab at 318-673-7654 to schedule a flush in your neighborhood.

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