LSU Campus Life hosted a Mardi Gras party for students on Wednesday, but some parents were not happy about the event. One parent tells KEEL News this is the 2nd semester her son has not had one in-person class in 2 semesters and professors are not teaching online, either. The mom tells us she has four younger children and they will NOT attend LSU if this continues. She says this is "the worst travesty in education, ever."

Some of the parents don't understand how an LSU organization can host a big party but students can not go back to in person classes. A few weeks ago, parents raised concerns that they were still paying full tuition and activity fees, but there were really no activities at all.

Here are some of the details about the Wednesday event:

Other parents say if the University can find a way to host such a party, the should be able to find a way to host all classes in-person. But others say the party is different because it was held outdoors and the young people were able to social distance.

We talked about this event today and to be honest, this concern has popped up at Universities all over the country. Parents are upset they continue to pay full tuition and fees, but their children are not getting the same education they were before the pandemic.

All Students were encouraged to attend the event. As you can see in the following pictures provided to KEEL News by the LSU Newspaper, the Daily Reveille, there was not a very big crowd, but the students seemed to enjoy getting out and being social for a bit.


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Mardi Gras Mambo at LSU

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