The Shreveport Mayor's race now moves to phase 2. It's time for the runoff between the top 2 contenders. Both men pledge to run a clean campaign. We'll have to wait and see.

Shreveport Attorney Tom Arceneaux, a former City Councilman led the field in the race to be the next Mayor of Shreveport. The Republican got 28% of the vote in the Tuesday election. Democratic State Senator Greg Tarver finished second with 24% of the vote.

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Both men hit the ground running on Wednesday continuing with their campaigns. Arceneaux stopped by the KEEL News to talk about the election and his plan moving forward.

Arceneaux says his top priority if he is elected is to put together an experienced management team. He says that will include a new Chief Administrative Officer, City Attorney and Chief Financial Officer. He says he is already talking to some people about these positions.

But Arceneaux will first have to beat Tarver in the runoff on December 10th. Many analysts say that will be an uphill climb. Tarver has a much larger campaign fund and Shreveport voter demographics favor Tarver. But Arceneaux says his campaign is diverse and he will continue to reach across party and racial lines to explain to people why he should be elected.

Tarver says he, too will be reaching out to all voters to encourage them to support his campaign.

Tarver says he will reach out to LeVette Fuller and Mario Chavez to ask for their support. But when KEEL News asked Tarver if he would reach out directly to Adrian Perkins to ask for his support, after a lengthy pause, he said "no". But he does plan to reach out to the Perkins voters to ask for their support.

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