My bead-loving friends, Mardi Gras is finally upon us. After the 2016 we endured, I think it's about time we come together and celebrate while taking part in one of Louisiana's greatest tradition.

As a food-lover, Mardi Gras for me simply means the return of the King Cake baby! Trust me, no one loves King Cake like I do, as you can see from the video below.



What I've learned through the years, though, is that everyone has a special place in town they'll buy their King Cake from. This isn't about a preference, but more of a responsibility. As in, "If (insert store here) doesn't have my King Cake, then I'm not buying one."

King Cake buyers in Shreveport are loyal to their favorite cake provider, but we're trying to figure out which place in the ArkLaTex sells the absolute best King Cake?

Vote below, and share with your friends so we can get the most accurate result! This poll will close on January 14th.


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