Admittedly, Governor John Bel Edwards is not even halfway into his second term, but behind the scenes, politicians fro parties are both political parties are positioning themselves for run at Louisiana's top office in fall of 2023.

And speaking of Edwards, with a decisive in the governor's race win last year, you'd think that the Democrats would be in a good position to keep hold of the office. But not so fast! Right after John Bel's decisive win over Republican businessman Eddie Rispone, Lanny Keller from actually suggested that Edwards could be the state's last Democrat governor.

And what about the Republicans? Poll front runners Jeff Landry and John Kennedy both opted to not run in '19, seeing the incumbent Edwards as a far more formidable opponent than most thought him to be. But both remain highly popular and even a Donald Trump defeat this fall would do little to diminish their - and other Republicans - chances.

So let's take a look at the top three candidates from each party. Sure it's early and lots could change. But as of Summer of '20, here are our top choices.

Who are the Early Favorites to be Louisiana's Next Governor?


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