Imagine for a moment that you have a billion dollars. And now think about exactly how much that really is. You are a millionaire times one thousand. Yep, if you had a billion bucks you could go a little crazy, spend a million dollars a day for two and a half years...and still have enough left to be considered really, really rich. No doubt, a billion dollars is a lot of money. So what you had a billion...almost two hundred times over?

The latest Forbes list is out, naming - and putting a value on - America's richest of the rich. The newest top five, all men, are a group so wealthy that each could spend a billion dollars a day for a month and probably never know it was gone. And they could make it all back in just a few hours.

Of the five to take to list, the oldest is 90 and the youngest is 36. The richest is $179 billion. The pauper of the bunch has a mere $72 billion. There's an investor, three internet guys and a fellow who started building his fortune packing books in his garage. And here they are: The Top Five Richest People in the USA!

The Top 5 Richest People in America

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