If you are among the one billion Facebook users here's some good news for you. You now have more control over the way those third-party apps access your account.

Now that Face book has made some adjustments to the login feature, mobile app developers have to ask users separately for their permission to share their information back to Facebook.

In the past developers were required to ask for all permissions which included seeing your information and writing to your Facebook account on just one screen.

This process more or less forced you to make a decision to say yes to everything or to decline to connect with Facebook all together. Now the requests to share your information appear on a separate screen. This makes it easier for you to know what you might be sharing for everyone to see.



Advocates for privacy have been pushing Facebook for some time now to give users more control over the apps. Now you can clearly see the type of data can be accessed and disclosed.

According to Facebook's blog post, the load time of the login has been improved so you can connect 31% faster. The reason so many apps use the Facebook login is because it makes the process of registration much easier which is an attraction for new users.

Facebook boasts that the login is used around 850 million times each month for app sign-ups.


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