As of Friday, Mark Zuckerberg is officially in a relationship with everyone. Facebook’s IPO became available Thursday with shares now being traded for about $43 a piece. And, of course, the occasion was marked with a status update by the founder himself.

It’s been talked about for years and now it’s real. Zuckerberg has “hacked the ‘DAQ” and Facebook has gone public. And, they made $16 billion with the IPO. (Google only made $1.67 billion when it went public in 2004, to give you some perspective.) The social media site is now worth more than Bank Of America and Nike, combined.

The initial stock was sold to select investors on Thursday for a price of $38 a share, but market enthusiasm had them up over $40 when Zuckerberg rang the NASDAQ bell remotely on Friday morning. At this point, the company could end up raising about $18.4 billion if it utilizes an overallotment option reserved to satisfy additional demand for shares.

All of this is investment mumbo-jumbo that means Facebook is worth a lot of money and Zuckerberg is worth a lot more. But, the father of modern social media networking kept it simple and real and very much a sign of the times with a very telling status update on his own Facebook timeline. All he did was list a company on NASDAQ. Like anyone else would. His comment? “This is a pretty awesome hack.”

Zuckerberg Hacks the DAQ and opens his IPO with a status update.

This morning, Zuckerberg rang the NASDAQ bell remotely from Facebook’s California headquarters.

Meanwhile, some Facebook fans on YouTube have created an earnest musical tribute to the popular social network. Check it out below.

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