This person's bank account looks like it ate yours and mine... 17,000 times.

Forbes put together a list of the richest people in each state. They were then ranked based on who is the richest of them all. Louisiana came in at number 38 on the list.

And we have Tom Benson to thank for that.

Benson is worth $1.9 billion. That's right, billion with a "b." Forbes credits his wealth from his own endeavors and being the owner of the New Orleans Saints, who are worth $1.1 billion. Benson, 87, also owns the Pelicans, but until recently they have failed to deliver when it comes to the postseason.

In addition, Forbes says Benson built his wealth by funneling his earning into a steady procession of auto dealerships and local banks.

Bill Gates is the richest of them all. Representing the state of Washington, Gates is worth $78.8 billion.

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