A simple enough question, right? When you were a kid, what was the material possession that your friends (or friend's family) had that made you realize that they were richer than you?

Quite the right of passage, actually. You're four or five or six and everybody's basically the same. But with the beginning of school comes the age of reason...and a sudden awareness that some of the kids in your class had just a little more than you.

So, in your case, what was it? We not only asked KEEL listeners to weigh in, but asked the same question to our own friends and family. And the answers were as fascinating as they were varied.

From a local elected official:

"Summer camp. I would hear my friends talk about going away for the summer and I always wanted to go. I never did."

And a listener identified as "Kahuna" weighed in:

"Birthday parties were at Farrell's Ice Cream shop, not at home with a mom-baked cake."

And a friend, who grew up in the 60s and 70s:

"When I was a kid, if your dad drove a high end Buick or a Cadillac. I didn’t know then that my daddy could afford one, he just didn’t want to pay for one."

And another KEEL listener...with a timeless response.

"My friend's dad, a doctor, got a Curtis Mathis color TV."

So, now that you've had time to think about it for yourself, here's our list: When You Were a Kid, How You Knew Your Friends Were Richer Than You!

When You Were a Kid How You Knew Your Friends Were Richer Than You

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