Congratulations to all the graduating seniors of 2017.  One day you'll look back and realize just how much fun high school truly was.  But, for the moment, just relish the fact that you achieved your goal and graduated.

The picture above was taken at the Haughton High School Graduation ceremonies this past Saturday, May 20 at Centurylink Center in Bossier City.

Let me set the stage for you.  The graduates have all just finished reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and are now listening to Haughton's "Big Red Band" play the National Anthem.

Now look at this picture a little closer.

McCoy Graduation Pic 2

With no prompting, no forewarning, nothing; this single student had removed his cap in respect of the Pledge and National Anthem.

I know for a fact that his parents were amazed that this had occurred to him without any advanced coaxing from them because that single student was my own son, Craig Wayne McCoy.

And I certainly am not pointing out that the other students had not removed their caps, because, by most, it's considered "a uniform" and they really don't think of it at that time.

I'm nearly certain that I didn't think to remove my cap when I graduated.  It just didn't occur to me that my cap and gown weren't a uniform.  But, it occurred to Craig and I'm so thankful for his love and respect of this incredible country.


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