It's been 3 years since we first started talking about this list. We joked about it for several days, but it really is no joke. Area residents have been promised so many great things over the years and some of the biggest promises have never materialized and we are still waiting.

All of these have been on the back burner for a long time. One of the biggest complaints in our area is that nothing ever gets done.

Which Projects Will Happen First in Shreveport?

We asked you to rank which of these you thought would happen first and 2 years ago I asked you to let us know which of these projects you think would happen first. You told us they would happen in this order:
Confederate Monument moved

New Jimmie Davis Bridge built

I-49 through the innercity

Cross Bayou Park

Elio Motors will start building cars.

It's pretty clear, we will never see an Elio car built at the old GM plant and the Parish Commission will have to unravel that complicated deal. Shreveport has been buying up property along the Cross Bayou riverfront, but there's been no recent talk about a park down there. All the talk has been about a huge private development. But that is on hold for now.

I think the moving of the Confederate Monument is the most likely of these projects to happen and I think that might actually happen this year.

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