While I was looking for favorite Super Bowl snacks, I have to say I am so proud to be from Louisiana. Residents in our state don't turn to the basics like chips or nachos or pizza.

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The most searched for snack for this Sunday's game are 3 delicious options: creamy shrimp, crabmeat, and spinach dip. All are great choices for your Super Bowl parties.

What do folks in other state's want? Insider.com has published a list of the favorite snack for the game from every state. Some of them are not really believable. Like in Maine, residents are looking for recipes to make a good spinach Caesar salad. Really? Who wants to eat a salad while watching the game? Not me. That one is pretty bad, but Maryland residents are looking forward to chickpea soup. Oh come on!! That's not even something I want on a regular day, much less Super Bowl Sunday!

Texas residents say they want to arrive at a party to find a tray of football cupcakes. OK, I can go with that. We all have a sweet tooth. Some of the other snacks listed include the standards like cheese dip (Arkansas), queso dip (Colorado), Chili (Delaware), hamburger sliders (Michigan) and jalapeno poppers (New Mexico)

But the one I really want to try from another state is the bacon cheese ball. That's the go to snack in West Virginia this year.

It's not likely I'll make that though. I'm probably gonna stick to my standard sausage balls which make great projectiles if you have to throw something at the TV.


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