Sometime you just need time with friends to relax and unwind. That's what I got to do over the weekend with some friends.

What Was the Plan for Girls Getaway?

This was a well-orchestrated plan by one of my dear friends to surprise another for her birthday which falls on May 5. This plan has been coming together for a few months. I thought I should be well on the mend by the time this weekend popped up and I needed some girl time, badly.

This adventure started with a 10am Friday departure time from Shreveport. Our first stop was Kit's Kornbread in Jefferson, Texas where we had a table set-up for our party of 6. The plan was for the 4 of us to arrive and get the table and then the birthday girl would be escorted to our table. She was most definitely surprised. Truly had no idea others would be there for what would be an eventful weekend.

Learning About Glamping in Jefferson

After lunch, we then grabbed our luggage and checked in to Nutty's Camp in Jefferson where we found an amazing set-up. This was our Glamping destination. We had 3 tents and each one had 2 twin beds. I think I got assigned to the "medium snoring" tent. So I felt pretty good about that. But maybe I was really in the "loud snoring" tent and they were sparing my feelings. Not really sure about that.

Downstairs from the camping area is Nutty's Peanut Butter Store. We had free run of the store and signed a paper to let them know what we ate during our stay so we could pay for it later.

Our evening was spent at Auntie Skinner's for Karaoke. We had pretty good food and drinks, but lots of laughs and fun. We also met some really friendly people including "Porkchop" Hamm. He and his buddies were so welcoming.

In the morning, we had brunch at McGarity's Irish Pub. It was so charming and the food was good. We were gearing up for our big stop of the weekend. So most of the girls had a Bloody Mary while I had to try an Irish Coffee. I was a little disappointed with the coffee.

The Visit to the Winery in East Texas

After brunch we made the short drive to Harleton, Texas for a tour of Enoch's Stomp Winery and Vineyard. This was such a beautiful spot. The cart they use to drive folks from stop to stop out in the vineyard was broken down, and I decided there was no way to walk up and down those hills throughout the vineyard. So I stayed behind to sip wine and check out the charcuterie board. Thankfully, one of the ladies agreed to stay behind with me (she had already done the tour before). We had such a great time chatting. Once the group got back, we ordered some wine and food and listened to some music. This was truly a great afternoon.

We got back to Nutty's and got into our jammies and had a movie night. On Sunday morning, We went to the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast for breakfast and our last time together. The food was delicious. The setting is also so beautiful. We are already talking about making another trip back.

What a great weekend and I am so glad I was included and my knee was in good enough shape to hobble along. The girls did have to accommodate me several times, but they were so gracious about it. I am looking forward to our next time together.

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