I have been talking about bringing this specific idea to the Shreveport/ Bossier City for a few years now, and yes it involves cats. Stay with me on this. A Cat Cafe! We could call it Meow Town or Whisker City. We can come up with some ideas later.

This would not only bring tourism dollars to the area, but also help out our community by helping cats find forever home. What we will do is team up with local animal rescues to cycle in about 10 or more cats every week in the cafe. We could also have a representative from the shelter that we are working with that week present for adoptions in the cafe.

The cafe will sell different types of teas and coffees, and maybe a few snacks that uniquely cat related names. For example you could purchase a Cat-tastic Coffee Cake. I was very lucky a few years back when I got to travel to South Korea, and while I was there I got to visit a cat cafe and it was the coolest thing. I wish we had something that unique in the area.

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