I am really shocked to see this new list of the best restaurants in the nation and not one of them is from Louisiana. Seriously? Yep, it's true. Yelp has just published their annual list of Top 100 restaurants in U.S. and not one delicious spot from the 100's of spectacular restaurants in Louisiana made the list.
On the 2022 Yelp list, 3 Louisiana spots were included. But the state noted around the globe for great food is not on the list at all for 2023. In my opinion this makes this list laughable to say the least.
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What Louisiana Restaurants Were on the 2022 List?

Bywater Bakery, New Orleans, Louisiana

Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon, Metairie, Louisiana

Silk Road, New Orleans, Louisiana

Did Any Texas Spots Make the List for 2023?

Vietwich in Stafford, Texas

Crumbville in Houston, Texas

1618 Asian Fusion in Austin, Texas

burger-chan in Houston, Texas

Sunny Thai in Arlington, Texas

Fattoush Mediterranean Kitchen in Pantego, Texas

Ricky’s Hot Chicken in Richardson, Texas

Kiin Di in Austin, Texas

The top spot in the U.S., according to Yelp is Broken Mouth in Los Angeles. It lands in the top spot based on review from patrons who love the fried beef dishes and the sushi prepared at this trendy Hawaiian-Korean cafe.

The list this year includes 376 cities and to not have even one spot from New Orleans is a complete travesty. The Crescent City is known by many in the culinary world to have some of the best food you will ever eat. This list is bogus because of this snub.

How Can You Impact this List for 2024?

I guess the only way we can change this crazy list is to start leaving reviews about restaurants from Louisiana on the Yelp site. It seems they base this list on reviews diners post on their website. The problem with that in Louisiana is that we have so many great restaurants, it would be tough to pick the big winners.

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