Have you been trying to quit smoking...but having trouble doing it? That may be why Louisiana has been ranked one of the five LEAST "Quit-Friendly" states in the country. That's according to the American Lung Association's "Helping Smokers Quit: Tobacco Cessation Coverage" report, which says our state's ranking comes from too many smokers in Louisiana not having access to the help they need to quit smoking. The other least quit-friendly states are Alabama, Georgia, Maryland and New Jersey. The five MOST quit-friendly states are Maine, North Dakota, Delaware, Oklahoma and Wyoming. The ALA says, though they do have some room for improvement, those states provide evidence that a comprehensive approach to smoking cessation is attainable. Quitting smoking is difficult, and most smokers need help to quit for good. There are several different ways that states can help smokers quit -- and these programs and policies factor into the state ratings. For more on the report, visit www.Lung.org.