Vehicle traffic flow in the 4800 block of Barksdale Boulevard is being altered while crews with the Bossier City Utilities Department work to repair a broken water main.
The water main was damaged at approximately 7 a.m. today when a car ran into a fire hydrant at the corner of Barksdale Boulevard and Rossie Lee Drive. That caused a large amount of water to flow from the broken line and erode portions underneath the northbound lanes of Barksdale Boulevard in the immediate area.

As a result, both northbound lanes of Barksdale Boulevard have been closed while crews can make repairs. In the meantime, the southbound lanes of Barksdale Boulevard will accommodate one lane of northbound traffic and one lane of southbound traffic.

Crews say it could take a couple of days before the affected northbound lanes of Barksdale Boulevard reopen.

Water Main Break on Barksdale Boulevard Causes Traffic Issues in Bossier City