This doesn't happen very often during a high school basketball game, but this is the Shreve vs Byrd game. That's quite a rivalry and these two teams always battle hard.

Of course, I'm a Byrd mom (both my sons are grads) so I love to see anything between these two schools. It's such a great rivalry that goes back dozens of years.

Wednesday night fans got a thrilling ending to this heated contest.

During the 3rd quarter of the contest, Shreve was on a fast break on the Gator's home court when things got rocked. Advance the video to 14:30 to see the slam dunk.

The senior night game had to be called by the refs after this shattering event. Shreve wins since the Gators were leading 42-24. There was no way to get another goal installed in a timely manner, so the game was a wrap.

No one was hurt, but it did take awhile to clean up all the glass.

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