New self check out lanes have been put in at the Kroger in the Bayou Walk Shopping center.  It looks like the old lanes have been put out behind the complex on the 70th Street side.


I guess if you want these pieces of furniture for something around your house, you can pick them up. It's likely Kroger has hired a private company to pick them up, so you better hurry if you want one of them. Inside the grocery store, you will find 6 new self check out lanes in the place of these full service lanes.

This has caused quite the debate in our office. Some say these self check out lanes will lead to fewer jobs as we move forward into the world of automation. I've always been a proponent of self check out lanes in businesses where the workers don't know how to provide basic courteousness to customers. I would much rather go through a self check out lane than go to a clerk who is rude or uncaring.

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