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There once was a time when you could take a 3-year-old vacuum cleaner into Walmart without a receipt and exchange it.  No questions asked.  Might be a good reason they've 'tightend up' on their return policy over the years.

According to Walmart's Standard Return Policy on

In store purchases 

You're able to return or replace items purchased in store at your nearest Walmart store within 90 days of receipt. To ensure your in-store item may be returned, review the exceptions on our corporate Return Policy page. 

Damaged or defective items 

If an item you received from is damaged or defective, you can return it by mail for a refund or replacement or at any Walmart store for a refund. 

Seems pretty fair to me... but now Walmart has enacted a new policy regarding coupons that has shoppers pretty upset.


New Coupon Policy Changes

Walmart hasn't changed their coupon policy in 6 years, but as of September 24th, 2023, Walmart has updated their coupon policy and will be a lot stricter on the use of coupons.  According to CouponsintheNews, here are a few of the least popular changes to Walmart's coupon policy that has shoppers upset.

No More Cash Back - Walmart will no longer give you the difference if your coupon value exceeds the cost of the item you're buying. The policy also states that the overage will not be applied to other items in the transaction. 

Like-Coupon Limits - The retailer is also imposing a limit of four identical coupons per household, per day. If you're attempting to use more than four identical coupons on the same product, subsequent coupons will be rejected by the register. 

No Register Overrides - Under Walmart's new policy, if a coupon isn't accepted once it's scanned, it won't be accepted. Period. A Walmart employee won't be able to override the system in order to grant a discount on an item that doesn't exactly match the coupon's specifications. 

Walmart's new coupon policy also affects BOGO, (Buy One Get One) coupons, Print-at-Home Coupons, as well as returns purchased with a coupon.  You can read Walmart's entire new coupon policy HERE

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