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What is wrong with kids these days?

I'm going to pin this on a kid right away, even though the video evidence doesn't tell us that its a kid. But the environment shown, and what happens in the video, provide me enough confidence to say this is the action of a kid. Oh, and by "kid", I mean someone obviously under 20.

This driver decided that it was a good idea to "roll coal" inside an open door at a Whataburger in Texas. The dining room was full of, what appears to be, high school students who reacted like they knew the driver. They also didn't seem too shocked it actually happened.

Oh, wait. I said "roll coal" and a bunch of people probably paused on that one. "Rolling Coal" is a newer phenomenon that is popular among immature drivers of modified trucks. Here's how Wikipedia describes it:

"Rolling coal is the practice of modifying a diesel engine to increase the amount of fuel entering the engine in order to emit large amounts of black or grey sooty exhaust fumes, diesel fuel that has not undergone complete combustion, into the air."

Now, here's the video...

Now the internet has taken a hold of this video. It's been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. With various different takes on it. Some calling it "attempted murder" (based on carbon monoxide poisoning) and others who seem to be inspired.

I wouldn't be shocked if this becomes some kind of new TikTock trend among the unguided youth of today's social media generation. Just like stealing things out of school bathrooms and slapping teachers.

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