We recently honored Veterans around the nation. Thousands of restaurants participated by offering free meals to Veterans on the special day. But lots of attention is now focused on a Veteran K-9 who got a free meal at a Texas Roadhouse Restaurant.


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This Afghanistan war Veteran dog got his free meal for his service to our country. This pup has been getting this special treat for 5 years.

This little video has gone viral and people have lined up to take sides. Some folks are not thrilled to see a dog sitting at a table inside the restaurant eating food off of a fork.

"No animals at the table. He could eat it just not with the fork and knife at the table idc" And this "That's mad gross. That restaurant should be shut down."

Another calls this "disgusting on so many levels". Some also expressed concerns about feeding the dog french fries.

But the vast majority of the reaction has been positive.

"You see the gray on that dog's face he served his country not once but twice and is now elderly//older let him eat a damn steak and some fries I'm sure this isn't what he's fed daily it's a nice treat once a year for keeping us safe. I bet that dog has more manners then most of the kids in that restaurant."

What Others Are Saying About this Hero Dog

"This so awesome. He served his country and deserves acknowledgment too. Kudos to Texas Roadhouse for honoring all Veterans."

"Thank you for your service soldier!! This is what he deserves whatever is available and can eat at my table any time, sharing food together."

"This fella served with us in Afghanistan and I would let him eat anywhere he wanted. He was much of the unit as any human and did his job to bring Soldiers home safely. Our canine brothers and sisters also make huge sacrifices to give the freedom of speech for some of the comments on social media."  

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