SHREVEPORT, LA - A new law for vaping goes into effect in just a few weeks in Louisiana.

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Vape products that do not have FDA approval will no longer be sold in the state.

This new law goes into effect on November 1.

Some vape shops across the state are trying to fight this law in court, but so far no decision has been made.

This measure was put in place in the early stages to increases taxes on vape products, but it was amended heavily and ultimately turned into a law to limit the use of vape products across Louisiana.

MyARKLAMISS reports One of the big problems has been the widespread use of vape products among teenagers.

Professor of Political Science at the University of Louisiana in Monroe, John W. Sutherlin, tells the TV station  “The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has expressed concerns, brain, hearts, and a number of health concerns related to nicotine, and vaping itself for middle schoolers, high schoolers whose bodies are still developing. This could represent a serious challenge.”

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What Does the New Law Do?

All vape manufactures with products sold in Louisiana must be registered with the state Alcohol and Tobacco Control by November 1. If a product is not on the registry, it can’t be legally sold.

But Sandifer says the hurdles to make this happen might be too difficult for some companies. He says “to get this product added to the vape registry and to be on the list, every flavor, every strength would cost $100.00 to make an application, and that is not guaranteed that it will be even put on the list.”

Here’s part of the law:

“Beginning October 1, 2023, every vapor product manufacturer and alternative nicotine product manufacturer whose products are sold in this state, whether directly or through a wholesale dealer, retail dealer, or similar intermediary or intermediaries must register each product with the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC). The Vapor Product and Alternative Nicotine Product Directory will be available on ATC’s website by November 1, 2023.”

This law will likely impact the availability of many vape flavors available on the market in Louisiana.

Some vape stores are now putting all existing products on clearance before they have to be pulled from the shelves.

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