SHREVEPORT, LA - With Valentine's Day right around the corner, the Minden Police Department wants to help you find the perfect gift for a former spouse or ex-sweetie. But the truth is, you can give this special gift to anyone you think might be deserving.

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What Does This Valentine's Offer Include?

The Minden Police Association says:

Upcoming holidays got you down? Has your favorite person left your heart in shambles? Don't worry! Just because they left you high and dry does not mean they aren't deserving of a Valentine's Day treat.

The Minden Police Association is partnering with local law enforcement to establish the Broken Heart Tip Line. A simple message to this page may qualify that "special" someone for the vacation of a lifetime.

The Broken Heart Tip Line Vacation package includes:

1. Free pick-up from their exact location.

2. A set of matching bracelets, in silver, blue, black, or maybe even pink. For the feisty special someone, coordinating ankle bracelets may be thrown in as a bonus.

3. Paid transportation by a professional driver.
4. A photography session with published photos.
5. Free media coverage of the event.
6. All expenses paid accommodations at a local establishment.
7. Free continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What do you have to do to sign up??

Simply give us some information on that "special" someone regarding their recent activities that are outside of societal norms.

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Will Everyone Be a Winner?

Disclaimer--Odds of winning vary. Attempting to rig the contest with embellished or patently false information may result in the applicant being enrolled for the above contest. Application, although humorous, may result in unwanted winnings.
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This hilarious Valentine's Day idea is not limited to your ex. The Minden Police Association encourages you to pass along information about anyone who might be wanted by police.

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