Its possibly the most perplexing sucker punch of the football week, Michael Desormeaux woke up and chose violence.

You might stop and say "who is Michael Desormeaux?", which is pretty normal. Most people in the state don't have the first clue who he is. So here you go: he's the current Head Football Coach at ULL. He led his team to an amazing 6-6 record this year, coming off a stellar 6-7 campaign in 2022.

OK, that's probably not fair. Probably shouldn't be judging a football coach by the wins and losses of his team.

Louisiana v Minnesota
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Anyway...during his press conference this week, Desormeaux was taking questions about his ULL team traveling to New Orleans this Saturday for their bowl matchup against the powerhouse program *checks notes* of Jacksonville State. During this media scrum, Desormeaux was asked about ULL fans potentially not being excited for the New Orleans Bowl. He decided to respond by taking a shot at Shreveport...

Desormeaux said:

"Well I will start with this, if any of our "bored fans" went to Shreveport last year, they will be happy to have their asses in the Superdome this year. Okay?"

Now, you might think "maybe he was talking about the matchup they had last year, or the weather, or something else". But in the extended clip, he doesn't mention any of those things when talking about New Orleans. He goes on to talk about the bowl festivities and the Superdome. You can jump to the 13:15 mark in the video to see him explain his thoughts on the New Orleans Bowl...

Lets maybe try to give him another out; maybe he was just really trying to sell the New Orleans Bowl to the fans. Maybe he was trying to be optimistic about this game. Buuuuuuut...if that was the case, why even mention Shreveport by name? Could have easily said "if fans went to some of our previous bowl games, they should be excited for this upcoming game". Actually, as I try to find an out there, it kind of just makes it worse. There's zero reason to mention Shreveport there unless he's taking a shot.

Just something to think about if ULL wants to come talk to Shreveport recruits I guess. Oh, and this is another reason that they will continue to be ULL, no matter what they say.

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