Next time you order a burger, hold the fries.

Nutritionists say that instead of having those salty fried potatoes with that juicy burger, you should substitute it for ANOTHER BURGER.

Now some people would find it surprising that a registered dietician would recommend eating two burgers a day let alone two burgers in one sitting, but the logic behind the two-burger method comes down to one thing—protein.

Carbohydrates provide most of the energy that fuels our daily activities and allows us to go for that jog. But choosing simple carbs, like fried white potatoes, don’t do a lot for you nutritionally. Proteins, which seem to be a bodybuilder's best friend, is often recommended by fitness enthusiast following some heavy lifting because they repair and build tissue.They’re also important to our overall wellness, helping to ward off infections and keep us satiated throughout the day.

Even though we've almost been trained to enjoy fries with our burgers, buy Dietician Emily Field says just "try it out and see how you feel."

Would you ever hold the fries for another burger? Let us know in the comments.

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