SHREVEPORT, LA - I'm not a fan of bullies. But we know it happens in school. It can have tragic results.

A Lone Tuba
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But when a grown up takes aim at a child, I really get a little crazy. Several folks have now written about something that happened at a high school football game last week. Evangel battled North DeSoto and lost the game. It puts the Griffins in the drivers seat in the District 1-4A standings.

But that's not what this story is about. After the game, a parent from the North DeSoto side approached a young 8th grade tuba player. According to several posts on social media: "This adult made fun of his tuba, verbally attacked him with words I will not repeat here, and then took off. The tuba is old, dented, and does not shine anymore."

This incident left the young tuba player in tears. Parents tried to comfort the child, but he was very upset about the remarks made by this adult.

So now, the community has come together to help raise funds to buy this young man a brand new tuba.

Organizers of the Go Fund Me page say "I do not want him to think about that evil man again when he plays. I really appreciate any donation and prayers. I just want something positive to come out of this ordeal. Thank you in advance!"

The young man just started to learn to play the tuba 3 months ago.

A friend of mine wrote this message on social media and it perfectly sums up how I feel about this terrible incident;

I totally agree. Let's help get this young man a new tuba. Click here to make a small donation if you can.

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