It's a struggle across the nation and in Louisiana to get every parent to pay support for their children and the DCFS in Louisiana as a long list of parents who owe thousands in back support.

Here's a look at some of the biggest offenders in our region:

Leon County Florida
Leon County Florida

In Bienville Parish, Mensah Ajanaku has the largest child support debt. He owes more than $132 thousand. His last known address in Louisiana is in the Saline area. But he has spent some time in California and in Florida. He was born on 4/15/1961

Several people make the list in Bossier Parish with debts topping the $100 thousand dollar mark. Ray Anthony Bailey is number 1 on the list. He owes $181,952.00. He's from Benton and was born on 12/13/1955. Joshua Crouch is next on the deadbeat list from Bossier Parish. He owes $161,352. He's believed to be in the Waco, GA area. Crouch was born on 2/28/1977.  Shane Maxwell Allen owes more than $150 thousand dollars. His last know address is in Haughton. He was born on 8/9/1968. Curry Wayne Baker is from the Haughton area. He owes more than $112 thousand. He was born on 3/8/1963. And the last person owing more than $100 grand from Bossier Parish is Rickey L. Brown from Plain Dealing. He has a child support debt of  $135,931. He was born on 1/8/1959.

Three men with children in Caddo Parish have child support debt topping $100 thousand. Wayne Morgan Cannon is #1 on the list with arrears at $102,197. He's from Shreveport and was born on 1/8/1963.  Tyrone Clay is a close second, owing $101,677. He's believed to be in the Garland, TX area. Clay was born on 5/19/1967. Coming in 3rd on the Caddo Parish deadbeat list is Joseph Cruse of Mooringsport. He owes $101,501. Cruse was born on 9/8/1970.

The top deadbeat parent in Claiborne Parish is Donald Ray Fields who owes more than $74 thousand. He was born on 8/17/1977 and is believed to be in Shreveport.

In DeSoto Parish, Troy Lee Gallo owes $123,491 and is #1 on the Parish list. His whereabouts are unknown, but he was born on 7/29/1961.

Lane Anthony Cook tops the list from Natchitoches Parish. He owes more than $50 thousand dollars. Cook's last know address is in Castor, LA. He was born on 1/8/1979

Cody Lynn Carmouche is the biggest deadbeat in Red River Parish. He owes just over $50.000. He was born on 4/18/1979 and his last residence of record is Minden.

In Sabine Parish, two men owe more than $100 thousand. James Benoit owes $110,000 while Charles Denton owes $128,000. Benoit was born on 6/3/1956. His last known address is in Lake Charles, LA. Denton's last know address is in Noble, LA. He was born on 8/15/1958.

Webster Parish: James Graham Brown owes more than $80 thousand. His last known address is in Long Beach, MS. He was born on 7/3/1959


List of people in each of these parishes who owe more than $50 thousand dollars:










If you know someone who needs help getting child support, call 1-888-LAHELP-U or logon to the DCFS Website to apply online.

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