SHREVEPORT, LA – It’s no secret Louisiana has lots of creepy crawly things roaming around in our woods and yards. You can probably guess what lands at number 1 on our list. But you might be surprised to find some of the other pests that make this list.

Some of these critters are not only very annoying, but they can be harmful to your health. Our mild climate makes it much easier for all of these pests to procreate and stay healthy. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to get rid of some of these annoying creatures. You will even hear lots of folks talking about home remedies to get rid of them.

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Thanks to many of the bugs on this list, pest control companies do a pretty good business in north Louisiana. I expect that to continue because these bugs have lots of longevity.

If I were going to include all animals on this list, I might include raccoons, opossums and even squirrels on the list. We had a raccoon at my house that knew how to take the lid off the garbage can. Once he did that, he would invite all his buddies over for a party in my trash. We had to put a brick on top of the garbage to keep these pests away.

I also had a couple of squirrels find a way into my attic. Boy was that annoying. It took a mighty effort to get rid of them.

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