It was a high stress weekend across the state of Louisiana, more than a little intense, not only for those connected directed with the LSU football program, but for every single Tigers fan in the state.

With Coach Ed Orgeron officially on the way out, speculation has officially begun as to who will replace "Coach O" on the sidelines.

Let's be blunt. No matter what you see on various social media platforms, former Raiders Coach Jon Gruden will never lead the LSU football program. Given his recent race related email revelations, combined with an LSU president - William F. Tate IV - who-authored an academic paper entitled, "Toward a Critical Race Theory of Education," it's easy to see why if there's a line to be the Tigers next coach, Gruden's not even in it.

Also not making the list is former Ohio State and Florida boss Urban Meyer. And what specifically has knocked the two-time National Championship coach out of the running? He won his first NFL game. Meyer's Jacksonville Jaguars ended a 20-game losing streak Sunday, pumping new life into his til now unsuccessful and controversial tenure.

Now, onto the list of possibilities! All but one are currently head coaches at the college level. All are very successful and some have previous ties to the LSU program. So, here are the Top 10 Choices to Replace Ed Orgeron at LSU:

Top 10 Choices to Replace Ed Orgeron at LSU

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