Today is Thursday, June 21st which is the first day of Summer, but more importantly it is Free Tea Day at McAlister's. Life is hard and now that it's summertime the heat just adds to the stress, that's where McAlister's tea saves the day. Free Tea Day isn't the hero we deserve but the hero we need!

I spent a lot of time eating at McAlister's a few years back when my wife was pregnant because of their mash potatoes. Between sickness and cravings that's all she ever wanted. But through that 9 months I fell in love with the deli and in particular their sweat tea, so you know where I'll be today!

This is McAlister's 10th year in a row celebrating Free Tea Day with their 32oz teas. There's no purchase necessary so go and load up all day today with free sweat tea. Because tea without sugar is gross!

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