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2020 was a tough year, there no way around that.  For many people, it was the worst year they've ever experienced - and it's easy to see why, especially in Louisiana.  We weren't the richest state to begin with, but when the shutdowns and layoffs started - it got even worse.  Honestly, so many people were saved from absolute financial ruin by measures like the nationwide moratorium on evictions - it's clear we wouldn't have made it without them.

Unfortunately for some people still struggling to get things on track in Louisiana, that saving grace will most likely disappear by the end of the month.  According to the report from the Shreveport Times, the CDC mandate that barred landlords from evicting their tenants that started back in September of last year has most likely seen its last extension.

What Can I Do if I Still Can't Pay My Rent?

Luckily, there are still some funds left for folks who just can't seem to make ends meet as a result of hardships caused directly from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Residents of Caddo Parish can still apply for assistance through the Emergency Rent Assistance Portal.  Renters in every other parish in our area can do the same through the state's rental assistance program here.

What if I Don't Qualify?

If you are stuck in a situation that isn't covered by the programs I mentioned above, experts say you should have an honest conversation with your landlord.  It might cost them more to evict you, get the unit ready to rent again, and wait for a new tenant than it would to work it out with you.

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