Was that a gunshot? No, you just hit one of Shreveport's many gigantic potholes and now your car is wrecked.

This was my experience yesterday while driving to work. Now, I've driven this route thousands of times in the previous thirteen years. Several months ago, however, I noticed a huge, gargantuan problem lying just near the entrance to the radio station. A pothole so large it would surely wreak havoc to all who unfortunately cross it.

This thing is massive. Yesterday, I had my date with destiny, and my Mercedes paid the ultimate price. It's become a way of life for anyone who works at that studio and myself to avoid that particular pothole like the plague. However, there was no avoiding it yesterday. With multiple cars traveling in the opposite direction at the time I cam upon the largest pothole in the city. There was no swerving to avoid contact. There was only hope. Hope that maybe the pothole would spare me, and in return, I would get to spare my spare tire.

After slowing down to about 10 MPH quickly when I realized my date with this infamous pothole was unavoidable, My car went where few cars have gone before, tire-first into the abyss.


I swear, it sounded like a gunshot. Plus, we're in Shreveport where that is always a real possibility. A few short yards later, I turned into the radio station, my car already hobbling like an automotive version of Lieutenant Dan. I was afraid to look at the damages.

That pothole completely obliterated my tire. I'm talking mass destruction, destruction the likes I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy.

So, what happens next? Surely the wonderful city of Shreveport will quickly reimburse me for the damages their hideous roads have caused, right? Well, I won't hold my breath. In the meantime, avoid Westport Ave off of Pines Road in Shreveport.



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