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Jewelry is expensive, especially when it has diamonds.  From a tiny pair of earrings all the way up to a gigantic engagement ring - that shiny little rock can shoot the final price of that beautiful piece in to the stratosphere and beyond.  One imaginative jeweler in Lafayette doesn't think that's quite far enough.

Jewellery Designer Uses Diamonds For Insets
Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

Dianna Rae Jewelry of Lafayette is now offering their clients the unique opportunity to adorn their stunning piece with a diamond that has slipped the surly bonds of Earth's gravity.  Thanks to an agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Dianna Rae Jewelry now makes jewelry with diamonds have traveled among the stars.

Photo by NASA via Getty Images
Photo by NASA via Getty Images

The diamonds don't just go to space, they take a 10,000 mile journey on the International Space Station before they return.  Some of the precious stones will be sold as loose gems, and others will be set into jewelry such as engagement rings.  According to In Store Magazine, Dianna Rae is selling the space diamonds through the end of the month.

SpaceX Launches Dragon Spacecraft For Mission To International Space Station
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

According to the official website, the diamonds will leave our planet on a CRS-26 Dragon Capsule in mid-October of this year.  The jewels will reportedly return and be ready for delivery in January of 2023.  You can shop for the stones and jewelry featuring these space-gems here.

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