My Family Has Owned Restaurants Since 1989.

I have a horrid habit of looking around when I am at a restaurant. It's not that I am judging the place or anything like that, however, I pay attention to little details. I recently spoke to the new owner of Cantina Laredo Josh Douglas who echoed what I said, "People don't like walking into a restaurant and seeing dirty floors, or chairs or booths that are messed up or wobbly.". See, it's not just my family that walks into a restaurant and starts to notice every little detail.

I Once Went to a Restaurant With a Friend And I Refused to Eat There Because My Shoes Kept Sticking to the Ground.

My friend kept pestering me to order something and I remember explaining "If the floor in this restaurant is this dirty, I don't want to imagine what the kitchen looks like." Of course, as soon as we walked out, I saw multiple cockroaches, and my friend was mortified.

Buzzfeed Just Shared 15 Red Flags at Restaurants According to Chefs and Could Not Agree More.

We all know that a huge menu in a restaurant means that the food is all frozen. You knew that right? If you didn't buckle your chin straps because you're about to become a picky restaurant picker.

  1. A huge menu means frozen food.
  2. Sick waitstaff means the restaurant owner just doesn't care about their employees.
  3. Many specials are just leftovers.
  4. Ask where the seafood comes from, if the staff doesn't know, you don't want it.
  5. How clean are the salt shakers? That tells you how often they clean.

You Can Read the Rest of the List By Clicking Here.

What are some red flags that they missed?


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