The Huntington High School marching band were the Shreveport Mudbugs hockey team's musical guests this past Saturday night, but their rendition of the Star Spangles Banner rubbed a few folks the wrong way. Here's what really happened.

During March of every year, the Mudbugs have a promotion called "Marching Madness," inviting the marching band from a different high school to each home game. This year's guests have included musicians from local schools including Northwood, Captain Shreve and Benton, to name just a few. So, what was it, exactly, that caused such a social media furor following the performance of the National Anthem by the Huntington band this past weekend, prior to the Mudbugs contest against Corpus Christi?

101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and morning show producer Matt Parker, who were at the 'Bugs game, tell KEEL listeners what happened, and how about 3,000 fans heard what they heard...but really didn't.