The Shreveport Mudbugs hockey organization has raised more banners in Shreveport than any other franchise. From the WPHL to the CHL, and now the North American Hockey League (NAHL), the Bugs have tons of banners hanging over their ice. This has made them one of, if not the, most successful sports franchises in Shreveport.

While the team has a proud tradition of winning on the ice, they also have a tradition of looking really good while doing it.

First of all, the Mudbugs logo is legendary. There are hockey fans that have never stepped foot inside the state of Louisiana who have seen the logo before. Whether in all-time hockey logo rankings, loaded by fans into games, or the occasional jersey that gets smuggled out of state that earns attention. Beyond the logo, the sweaters are usually a step above.

Your base colors of teal and purple are already easy to make incredible jersey combos. But technically, you have other colors in the main logo. Black, red, and white are all present in the main logo, which means they can be added to jerseys combos as well.

Last year, the team went with an alternative jersey that was almost all black, with "The 318" blasted across the front. They were instant smash hits, and sold out FAST.

This year, they may have outdone it. The Mudbugs are now introducing their red and black alternates...

Shreveport Mudbugs
Shreveport Mudbugs

For a long time hockey fan, these scream "Original 6" to me. They have that old school vibe, while bringing the new school heat as well. The striping, script logo, and laces all work together to put this one over the top.

This might be their best alternate jersey work.

The team has STOCKED the Swamp Shack with piles of these new alternative jerseys, and they go on-sale THIS WEEK.

Shreveport Mudbugs
Shreveport Mudbugs

The first time you will be able to buy them is during their game on Thursday, December 14th against the Colorado Grit. So if you NEED one of these before they're gone, get there Thursday. There's no telling how long these will last.

Get your Mudbugs tickets here. 

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