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Who's ready to do the Time Warp again?

This October, Shreveport's Robinson Film Center is going to host one of the best experiences you can have during the Halloween season: an immersive shadow cast showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The event will be on Friday, October 28th at 10pm, as part of The Robinson's Friday Night Freakout series.

But you know what a "shadow cast" is, or why this idea works for Rocky Horror Picture Show? Because this is going to be a phenomenal night that you won't want to miss, and this is why...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary To Benefit The Painted Turtle - Show
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Painted Turtle

For decades, theatre showings of Rocky Horror have been accompanied by shadow casts (theatrical players participating in the movie live in the theatre, dressed as characters and singing the songs) and audience participation. There are points in the film where the audience is expected to shout out lines, throw rice, and blow bubbles. Plus more...

Risq Consulting explains the experience:

"Callbacks are not the only rituals that Rocky fans have created.  There are additional scenes where audience members can participate by blowing bubbles, putting on a party hat, or throwing hot dogs and toast at the screen.  Amateur actors and theater companies began acting out the movie in front of the screen as it played.  This became known as a “shadow cast,” due to the actor’s shadow appearing on the screen behind them...

During the songs, the singing was live, and the dances were choreographed.  This was my first experience with theater and it was absolutely thrilling.  We had full audience participation with the exception of throwing toast as the venue wouldn’t allow it.  I heard new callbacks that had me giggling backstage and trying not to break character on stage."

All of this is happening in Downtown Shreveport this month. Which is great for the Halloween season. So check out The Robinson's details online for this show, and get your bubbles ready.

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