Baseball is a sport that was made for the radio. Call me old school or just call me old but If I can't be at the ballpark to watch the game, I'd rather be on my patio listening to the game on the radio rather than watching on TV.

A baseball game is an unfolding story. It's got peaks and valleys, plot twists, and surprises. It usually has some good guys and the other team which can't be considered bad guys unless they are winning.  For me, baseball needs a masterful storyteller.

For more than 3 decades LSU Tiger Baseball fans were told the story of each game by a master,Jim Hawthorne. For the new voice of the Tigers , Chris Blair, those are some mighty big headsets to fill. Blair recently spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network and he is excited by the challenge and the opportunity to be a part of one the most storied baseball programs in college athletics.

Blair's former job was behind the microphone for Georgia Southern. He told the Louisiana Radio Network that the work at Georgia Southern has helped prepare him for the passion of Tiger fans.

You won't ever catch a Georgia Southern fan or an LSU fan say after a loss, Darn we'll get em next time.The correct response is always, We should have won that game.

Blair will be joined in the broadcast booth by Doug Thompson. Tiger fans may remember his tenure as an LSU pitcher in 1997 and 1998.  The Tigers will open their season tonight at Alex Box Stadium and Skip Bertman Field when they host the University of Cincinnati. First pitch has been scheduled for 7 p.m.

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