A new Food Network article came out putting a list together of the most iconic foods in the state of Louisiana. The list was 21 amazing Louisiana food staples, some of which may surprise you, and some, I had never even heard of. The list has many of the most basic of Louisiana cuisine, but in my opinion Louisiana food should be simple and tasty. I've added my top 5 from the list, plus some honorable mentions.

1. Etouffee - The Cajun translation means "smothered", and that's a pretty good description. Awesome seafood smothered in a savory gravy sounds amazing in any language.

2. Red Beans - If you've lived in Louisiana for any amount of time, you've likely been served a heaping bowl of red beans and rice. It's cheap, simple, and delicious.

3. Gumbo - The rules for Gumbo are as loosy-goosey as the Louisiana lifestyle itself. As long as the roux is right and the rice isn't crunchy, you can't really go wrong with what you throw in to it.

4. Cochon de Lait - This tradition is not only a delicious meal, but a fun family event. You basically take a suckling pig, dig a hole, fill it with coals, and throw the wrapped pig in the hole and let it cook.

5. Jambalaya - Yet another tasty dish of meats and rice. Jambalaya is something I will always order in a hole-in-the-wall Louisiana food restaurant, with a side of cornbread and a sweet tea.


Some of the honorable mentions include Po' Boys, Pralines, Boudin, and Doberge Cake. Food Network was pretty on point with this list. What do you think? Happy eating!

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