Recently, Erin McCarty and Robert J Wright interviewed local Senator Greg Tarver. In the interview, Tarver admitted to sleeping in a coffin from time to time at his funeral home. That interview totally inspired me. The words to this song just came POURING out of me. I couldn't help it!

If you want to sing along, below are the lyrics to "The Greg Tarver Mash"!

Greg Tarver was working in the funeral home in District 39

when the weight of the day grew heavy on his spine

He crept down to the showroom and opened a lid

And in to the casket feet-first he slid

(He took a nap)

He took a coffin nap (A coffin nap)

The lid closed with a snap (He took a nap)

I hope he doesn't get trapped (He took a nap)

He took a coffin nap

Out of the closed box the snores did ring

Not a care in the world except for just one thing

He opened his eyes. and threw open the lid and said "Whatever happened to Barbra Norton's wigs?"


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