Five indictments for second-degree murder or accessory to murder, and two for rape and sexual battery were made by the Grand Jury of Caddo on September 26 2019. All indicted are Being held in Caddo Correctional Center.
The murder indictments were returned for:

* Kevin Tramell Gaines Jr., 19, in connection with the June 2, 2019, slaying of Rachard Gross. Gross, 25, was shot numerous times in the 9000 block of Blom Boulevard in Southern Hills following an argument.

Caddo Parish

* Ledarron Demarion Carter, 26, in connection with the June 12, 2019, slaying of Deverous D. Holden. Holden, 25, was shot on Stoner Avenue in the Stoner Hill neighborhood.

Caddo Parish

* Tamara Ann Baker, 23, accessory after-the-fact for second-degree murder, in connection with the June 12, 2019, slaying of Deverous D. Holden, alleged to have been committed by Ledarron Demarion Carter.

Caddo Parish

* Michael Jerred Gentry, 32, in connection with the June 22, 2019, slaying of Antonio Williams. Williams, 52, a Postal Service delivery worker, was shot and killed as he walked his route in the South Highlands neighborhood.

Caddo Parish

* Cadarius Darnell Brantley, 29, in connection with the June 12, 2019, slaying of Derek White. White, 34, was shot several times in the 3600 block of Jackson Street, in the Queensborough neighborhood.

The sex crimes and their alleged perpetrators, for which true bills were returned, are:

* Gregory Earl Smith, 30, charged with first-degree rape and sexual battery.

* Anthony Curtis Samuel, 49, charged with first-degree rape.

The indictments for Smith and Samuel were filed under seal, due to the nature of the alleged crimes.